18 Cool The Little Mermaid the Internet Has Created

The Little Mermaid is one of the most loved Disney movies, and a Childhood classic for all of us 90s kids and millennials. Soon going to get it’s live-action remake. So no wonder it has gained many fans and artworks over the years.

Here are some of our favorite stuff we could find, cosplay, jewellery, fanart, clothing and more.

1. Casual Ariel cosplay

The easy and stylish way to dress up as Ariel. All you need is a pair of green skinny jeans, purple top, and red wig.
Based off a drawing called Fashion princesses by Viktoria Ridzel.
casual ariel cosplay wear the little mermaid disney classic movie green skinny jeans purple top red wig

2. Ariel Socks

Comes with 4 other Disney princesses.
ariel disney little mermaid chibi socks cute small short

3. Nail art

With ariel and Flounder
the little mermaid nails nail art under the sea ariel Flounder

4. Out of water

This is created by sakimichan. And is a part of a series of genderbend Disney princesses recreated as guys.

5. Cute Ariel Charms

There are tiny handmade charms made by Daniela Pupa.
The charms are then crafted to unique vintage-style pendants.
little mermaid charms polymer clay jewellery necklace pendant ariel disney handmade artist

6. Cupcakes

These cupcakes are made by a small bakery at Surrey, England.
They taste of vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam with turquoise tie-dye vanilla buttercream. The Tail made from fondant.
If you want to make something similar yourself, get that Mermaid tail mold you can melt chocolate, candy or fondant in.
Here a quick decoration guide.
mermaid magical cupcakes cakes pastry blue purple fish tail girls party

7. Steampunk Ariel Cosplay

Another creative way to dress as a modern Ariel.
You can find these mermaid leggings on eBay.
steampunk Ariel cosplay the little mermaid red wig leggings Disney geek

8. Tim Burton Style fan art

Little Mermaid meets Jack Skellington by Lillian Ripley
Little Mermaid meets Jack Skellington by Lillian Ripley tim burton goth art fanart dark gothic twisted

9. T shirt

Cool Clam shell bikini. Fits kids, toddlers and adults. Comes in all sizes, and many colours.
the little mermaid t shirt clam shell bikini all colours S M L XL kids adults

10. Sleeping mermaid plush doll

Looks so peaceful
kawaii plush doll cute sleeping little mermaid plushie

11. Modern Ariel

From a series by Fernanda Suarez that imagines how Disney princesses would look like nowadays.
modern Ariel hipster little mermaid Disney princesses- f they lived today casual

12. Ariel Hand Bag

Harveys Little Mermaid Character Bag disney clam shell green and purple women designer

13. Watercolor print

little mermaid ariel abstract water color print disney etsy handmade art poster

14. Earrings

The are handmade from polymer clay.
the little mermaid ariel cute fimo earrings handmade on etsy artist

15. Pendant

Angenia creates these beautiful and delicate charms and pendants. You can see more of her work at her Etsy shop.
the little mermaid pendant necklace Ursula Ariel Disney handmade charm magical

16. Curvy Pinup Ariel Art

Ashleigh Beevers draws the Disney princesses as sexy pin up girls.
curvy Disney pin up illustrations the little mermaid Ariel cute chibi chubby

17. Makeup

Beautiful makeup With purple and green eye shadow and red eyebrows.
the little mermaid inspired makeup - eye shadow green glitter purple party makeup artist

18. Swimsuit

If Ariel would wear a bikini, this is what she would wear.
little mermaid swimsuit bikini two piece high rise clam bra cups

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