23 Brilliant octopus items for tentacle lovers

Octopuses are some of the most magnificent creatures in the world. They are both beautiful and bizarre, colourful but creepy.

Here we collect some of the coolest art and items inspired by octopuses and tentacles. You can find jewellery, home decor, kitchenware and dolls.

1. The perfect wine glass for captains

Handmade octopus wine glass, blue with tentacle

2. Tentacle spoons

Made from white ceramics.
Tentacle octopus handmade coffee spoons.

3. Tea cup \ jewellery holder

Octopus brass mug holder for the kitchen.

4. Toilet sticker

Black tentacle toilet sticker for unique home decoration.

5. Decorative large plush tentacles

Set of large tentacles for home decoration.

6. House door handle

Heavy front house door handle, shaped like a tentacle.

7. Ring

Octopus three tentacles silver ring for men and women.

8. Neck tie

Tiny octopus pattern neck tie. Green, purple and blue.

9. Candle bowl

Octopus green handmade bowl with candle.

10. Bed Sheets

Decorate your bedroom with these monster sheets.
Kraken tentacle printed bed sheets.

11. Side coffee table

Decorative bronze octopus shaped side table.

12. Chandelier

purple octopus chandelier, unique artist home decoration.

13. Tentacle wall lamp

Realistic nautical tentacle porthole wall lamp.

14. Gauge earrings

Tentacle gauge spiral earring from polymer clay, in blue green and white.

15. Plushies

Many kawaii octopus plushies, cute handmade plush dolls in all rainbow colours.

16. Water glasses

Clear set of 4 octopus glasses with white tentacle print.

17. Bronze Necklace

Cute golden octopus necklace.

18. Tentacle necklace

Silver tentacle necklace.

19. Shower curtain

Kraken tentacle black and white printed shower curtain.

20. Polymer clay earrings

White and blue tentacle earrings handmade from polymer clay.

21. Wall decoration sticker

octopus vinyl wall sticker in a bedroom. Tentacles behind the bed.

22. Glass sculpture

Artists glass octopus sculpture - handmade decoration piece.

23. Knitted plush doll

handmade crochet octopus large plush doll. Knitted in purple and blue.

February 28, 2020, updated Apr 13, 2020 | by Amelia

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