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24 Memes For Anyone Working in Retail

The retail world is a tough place to work. Not only you have to keep everything clean, organized and stocked. You have to deal with lots of customers coming in all the time, some of them in a hurry or just annoyed. Some even being total Karens, coming up to you with some crazy demands. And you have to be nice to all of them! even if you want to break down.


Here we collected a few Memes that capture the essence of working in retail.

1. When you just want to be yourself

me relaxing at home after using my costumer service personality all day work memes

2. "I don't set the prices"

when the customer starts arguing about the price of an item

3. When you just want to go home and someone about to ruin that

customer walks in 2 minutes before the store closes

4. when the customer says really stupid stuff

i want to say it to the stupid customers do you hear yourself speak

5. Don't you just love to hear this joke the 7th time this day?

when the item doesnt scan and the customer says it must be free

6. Not doing this kind of favour ever again

when you swap a shift only to find they are short stuffed and busy

7. It makes me cringe

when the customer calles you by your name and you all just cringe

8. Damn those morning shifts

setting the alarm clock for your next shift is feeling like

9. And this is what you get if you prefer to work evening or night shifts

your social like after working the evening and nighr shifts

10. You know that look

how me and the cashier are looking at each other waiting for my credit card to clear

11. Get out

get out movie meme- when someone who shops at your store says working there must be fun

12. When you're thinking it's going to be a chill day

when its winter and stormy and you think you are going to have a slow day

14. 9AM is too early to be up anyways

when youre being late to work and there is traffic baby yoda meme

15. ok :(

when you pull your hand but the customer just leaves the change on the counter

16. Yes!

the face you make when you prove the customer wrong

17. It's always happening when you get a day off

when its your day off but the boss calls you asking to come over to work thanos endgame memes

18. Sometimes you just need a break

when you already know you will be sick tomorrow retail memes work

19. It is still true tho

baby yoda memes - me at work they should pay me more

20. Some days are just like that

working of retail when you're having a bad day someone doesnt say thanks memes work cry

21. Where did your free time go?

working 9 to 5 is a scam twitter twit about working life

22. You don't get their paycheck though

job work quotes memes funny - my job has that thing when you have to do everybody elses job

23. When you officially become a NPC

tweets about working in retail being a NPC in the most boring game

24. When you're trying to earn more money

work memes when you want more hours because you need the money

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