22 Creative Pokemon cosplays

Pokemon is one of the most popular anime out there. We are sure you watched it as a kid, played the game, and had spend months on Pokemon Go.

Cosplay as a Pokemon is tricky. You can't just wear the same clothes and wig as the character, Instead, you need to be really creative with your outfit.

Some cosplays here are in Gijinka style. Humanizing the characters with a whole unique Armor design and even weapons for the Pokemon, many of them are based on a fan art.

Here are several people who did that right.

1. Vulpix #037

woman in Vulpix fox cosplay

2. Zubat #041

A wild Zubat appeared!
Wild Zubat pokemon cosplay

3. Pidgeot #018

Pidgeot Cosplay bird Pokemon

4. Butterfree #012

Girl in butterfree cosplay butterfly

5. Gloom #044

Gloom Gijinka pokemon cosplay sitting down

6. Blastoise #009

Guy wearing high quality Blastoise cosplay

7. Marill #183

Girl in Marill Pokemon costume

8. Magikarp #129

Bikini Magikarp cosplay

9. Scyther #123

Scyther cosplay armoured green bug pokemon

10. Red Gyarados #130

Female Red Gyarados cosplay on the ocean

11. Mew #151

pink mew casual cosplay

12. Eevee #133

brown eevee goddess cosplay

13. Vaporeon #134

Vaporeon Gijinka armoured cosplay water Pokemon

14. Cubone #104

Woman in sexy Marowak cubone cosplay

15. Venusaur #003

venusaur pokemon cosplay with a dress and flower umbrella

16. Gengar #094

Girl in Mega gengar gijinka armoured cosplay

17. Arcanine #059

Man in arcanine cosplay

18. Metapod #011

Geek guy in Meta Knight - Metapod costume

19. Gengar #094

Simple Gengar pokemon costume

20. Meowth #052

Girl wearing Meowth cat cosplay

21. Magikarp #129

Shirtless buff guy in a magikarp sexy cosplay

22. Zubat #041

Woman in a sexy Zubat costume

January 8, 2020, updated Apr 13, 2020 | by Amelia

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