43 Artists create strange but adorable creatures you will fall in love with

1. Chris Ryniak

Chris Ryniak creates these cute monsters with huge eyes and tiny beer belly.
For Monsters and Misfits II red monsters cute chubby chris ryniak

2. Katyushka Art Dolls

Kasia and Jacek are a couple from Poland making awesome figures inspired by Fantasy world. All being round, fluffy and cute.
KATYUSHKA ART DOLLS cute fat shark teeth scary

3. Furrykami

Marina Dyagileva makes this cute creatures in a jar.
furrykami creatures tiny onions in a jar pink fantastic beasts

4. Dorothée Vantorre

black and gold owl deer horn figure custom doll

5. Eva Funderburgh

Eva is an artist from Seattle. Making woodfired ceramics things and sculptures.
bird wings ceramic handmade creature

6. Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev

This artist couple makes many uniquely painted animals from ceramics.
lizard like ceramic cute tiny sculpture

7. Oso polar

Oso polar makes creepy and cute dolls from sculpey clay and mixed materials
cute and creepy dolls purple sheep weird creature

8. Another one by Oso Polar

You can find her on Etsy as well.
pink and blue strange elephant dolls sculptures clay

9. Stranger Factory

Unicorns Made by Daniel Aparicio
Unicorn dolls clay steampunk pastel goth crazy

10. Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak

creepy blank stare creature in the woods custom doll art

11. More from Amanda Louise Spayd

These are called dust bunnies.
clown cute creepy weird plush doll monster handmade

12. Little Lazies

This artist creates cute & colourful polymer clay monsters. Here with some Harry Potter's scarfs.
little lazies tiny polymer clay monsters cute weird colourful harry potter Hogwarts

13. More by Chris Ryniak

teeth monster the basement sock eater cute artist doll

14. Ree Gurova

Unfortunately, the creator account isn't very active. But we were thinking this doll is still worth mentioning.
weird creepy birdman plague doctor doll handmade

15. Sawdust Bear

Making anxious monsters
Sawdust Bear monster with anxiety cute colourful

16. Haus of boz

Loz Boz creating these colourful monsters, and they all have names! This one is called 'Lucky'.
hausofboz puking rainbow unicorn colourful monster cute

17. Mahlimae

Nicole Watt is an artist from Australia creating these beautiful simplistic and emotionally driven dolls.
Nicole's melancholic words take you on a compelling dreamlike journey into the darkness and light of human nature.
You can see all her works on her Website or Instagram.
beautiful sad doll dead eyes blank eyes stare sorrow goth dark

18. Mahlimae #2

strange goth dark weird doll handmade artist creepy dark art

19. Dragons and Beasties

Becca Golins creates colourful and sweet dragon sculptures from polymer clay. This is fire, earth and ice dragons.
Check our her Website for lots of more works and interesting FAQ.
fire mountain ice dragon polymer clay figure sculpture dragon artist fantasy magical

20. Dragons and Beasties

Dungeons & Dragons & D20
purple dragon dice d20 polymer clay cute creature figures

21. Furry Kami #2

Furry kami creates these tiny fairy creatures in all colours, and lots of other small magical monsters. This on is Spring flying sleepyhead - and he glows in the dark too!
furry-kami little white fairy creature butterfly fly cute magic fantasy

22. Katyushka Art Dolls #2

The cutest spider we ever seen.
Katyushka Art Dolls cute fluffy fur spider plush kawaii brown

23. Gakman Creatures

Ekaterina Gakman makes cute hand made stuffed toys. Check out her Etsy shop.
cute ginger kitten plush doll fox cat orange furry custom doll

24. Gakman Creatures #2

Black baby Nifflers
cute black three baby niffler handmade stuffed toy plush furry

25. Gakman Creatures #3

Valentine's Kittens
white purple cute handmade kittens plushie doll amazing kawaii cat kitty snow

26. Chris Ryniak #3

Baby Blewgle
sea baby monster Blewgle blue figure custom doll by chris ryniak

27. Absurdery

Inga Lena is an artist creates a collection of illogical characters. She sells her dolls on Etsy.
twisted weird circus bunny figure handmade artist doll interesting bizarre

28. Mijbil Creatures

Mijbil is an artist creating (very) tiny animals and creatures - check out her Instagram. But few years ago, she created these munny fauns.
pastel kawaii bunny goat cute dolls figures horns artist

29. Tomodachi Island

Emelie Jensen creating these cute custom dolls. You can see more works in her Website.
cute kawaii pastel colours sheep statue figure doll art artist handmade

30. Tomodachi Island #2

cute kawaii brown fox custom doll animal doll designer

31. Puzgle’s Loft

Puzgle’s Loft is about funny fantastic creatures from hidden places in magic forests and people’s homes. They live, have fun and frolic together with us, but prefer to remain unseen.
magical fantastic creatures plush dolls handmade artist cute tiny

32. AlvaMade Toys

Angela Kostina creates these cute fluffy spiders in all colours.
fluffy spider purple cute handmade plush doll eyes

33. AlvaMade Toys #2

kiwi bird cute baby bird art doll handmade polymer clay fur magical creatures

34. Mai Darling Designs

Maikki is a creator of these birds and other whimsical beasts.
ceramic tiny bird sculptures whimsical spirit animal clay male female

35. Mai Darling Designs #2

Beware of the baby Cthulhu!
baby cthulhu green tiny sculpture cute monster kawaii round miniature geek

36. Gift Of Mercury

pink flying creature plushie cat fox with wings pet fluffy tail

37. Kosse Victoria

creating cute and shiny baby dragons. Check out her shop on Etsy.
pastel colours cute girly baby dragons blue purple kawaii three heads

38. Kosse Victoria

shiny dragon laying with wings tiny doll figurine polymer clay fantasy

39. Bitty Bitey Ones

white dragon with pumpkin monster cute kawaii creature artist polymer clay

40. Bitty Bitey Ones #2


41. Bitty Bitey Ones #3

steampunk gold brown shiny dragon figurine handmade

42. Kaiju Creations

Kaiju Creations Shop creates little dragons from polymer clay.
Blue & White Dragon on Blue Agate Geode

43. Kaiju Creations #2

black green tiny dragon artist hand made creations

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