20 Things that are awful taste but great execution

Here's a beautiful collection of some of the best craftmanship being wasted on a horrible taste. We don't know whether we should be impressed or be repulsed. But we do guarantee some laughs.

Most artworks here were found on the r/ATBGE subreddit, which is a huge sub dedicated for such creations.

1. Furbie

The rabbit beetle crossover you've been waiting for
furbie bunny rabbit beetle furry car

2. Human tooth ring

Were you looking for something to do with you old teeth?
Apparently, a human tooth ring is not super uncommon, and you can easily find a few creators willing to turn your teeth to fine jewellery on Etsy.
tooth ring with silver and ruby custom

3. The fleabag

Do you love fleas? Well, nobody is.
Still, a Japanese artist named Amanojaku to Hesomagari has made you a giant flea messenger bag to creep your friends with. I feel itchy already.
flea leather messenger side bag white bug

4. Jeans nails

Made with actual Jeans!
jeans blue nails fabric long nail art

5. Baby platform shoes

Those are clear platform shoes you can fill with whatever you want, like candies or glitter! ... or this.
clear platform shoes filled with baby head creepy

6. This (very) well crafted beer belly

We wish we knew who made this work of art
beer belly carpet home decor piece

7. A perfect wedding dress for rats

Because rats deserve love too
a wedding dress for rat veil white mesh bride

8. The star hair

Bet her head hurts like crazy
girl star hair haircut ponytail festive

9. Snake skin tattoo

I would be startled by that every time I see my own leg.
full sleeve snake skin tattoo lizard

10. These bar stools

interesting bar stools man woman butt legs

11. The feet earrings

So realistic they even have dry skin!
dry feet realistic earrings polymer clay

12. This is made with thousands of precious gem stones

Not really awful taste, but art.
mouldy lemon made from thousands of precious gems art

13. A Christmas tree made out of toilet paper rolls and scrub brushes.

Someone got bored at the office.
Christmas tree made from toilet paper rolls and scrub brushes

14. Bologna, cheese and ranch cake

If you're daring enough, you can even try the recipe for it here.
bolonga ranch and cheese cake

15. The jean jacket made of old pants

These packets are creeping me out.
the jean jacket diy made of a pair of jeans

16. Hell no kitty

We couldn't find the creator of this amazing handmade plush doll of hello kitty. But we still think it will be a great gift for your kids.
creepy monster handmade hello kitty plush doll cursed demogorgen

17. Toilet paper wall decoration

Some of our greatest artists can be found among the bored office employees.
toilet paper Greek style wall decoration relief sculpture

18. The Hamburger lingerie

I guess you can say loving food is sexy.
Burger hamburger Lingerie cosplay costume food

19. The chip earrings

Made with actual potato chips.
potato chips earrings diy french fries lays

20. The fish slippers

You can get them in goldfish colour too.
carp fish slippers shoes gold green all sizes funny

November 12, 2019, updated Apr 13, 2020 | by Amelia

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