28 Creepy nail ideas for Halloween

Looking for a unique look for that Halloween party? We collected some of the coolest nail art on the internet, full with horror-inspired themes: monsters, zombies, spiders, witches and, ghosts and more

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Nothing says Halloween party more than orange spider web nails, and they glow in the dark!
orange neon glow in the dark spider web nails

2. Alien nails

Those blue and green acrylics really look like something hatched from an alien egg
green and blue alien sci-fi-very long nails

3. Full moon with spiders and bats

Those seem complicated, but they are actually pretty easy to make: 
1. Apply black\dark blue nail polish, let dry.
2. Take a piece of cotton ball and put very little light blue nail polish on it. Gently touch the tips of the nails with the cotton piece to create the color gradient, starting from the tips and progressing to the middle. Apply more polish in tips.
3. Draw the moon with white nail polish.
4. Use Bat and Spider water nail stickers to create the shapes.
5. Apply a top coat to seal it in place and protect the nail polish.
full moon night bat spider nail art


Love the glittery white background
glitter grave yard black white red spooky vampire Halloween nail art

5. Some very spooky ghosts

realistic spooky ghost nails

6. Frankenstein nails

All you need is some black and metallic green nail polish, and green glitter. Also very long nails
halloween zombie green-horror nail art frankenstein

7. Sexy vampire red nails

sexy vampire red blood nails art

8. Pastel bat nails

Tired of all the Halloween green and red? Try these pastel nails
pastel goth and glitter bat wing nails

9. Bloody nails

Very simple way to create the blood drip effect. All you need is black base coat, and some red glitter
halloween nails design black and red blood drips glitter

11. Maleficent nails

If you love your Disney villains
Disney villains maleficent nail art evil green purple

13. Pink cat nails

Black cats are Halloween
pink cat green eyes Halloween nails

14. Cute tiny ghosts

Perfect for short nails
tiny ghosts for short nails cute horror pastel goth

15. Ursula nails

disney villains purple octopus ursula costume halloween nails

16. Spider nails

halloween nail designs orange spider scary short nail

17. Skeleton nails

It takes some fine painting skill to draw those tiny bones
skeleton hands fingers black and white nail painting art

18. Frankenstein nails

The base colour is made with a polish by GlamPolish called Frankenslime
frankenstein monster nail art halloween horror green

19. Bloody nails

Those definitely look like someone dug them into a body
bloody long stiletto nails spooky horror killer

20. Happy spider nails

Those are made with a cool nail stamp by UberChic beauty called Halloween-05
cute happy spider web nails stamp black and white

21. More spider nails

With some unique colours and layered stamping
spider web autumn colours halloween nail art with stamp

22. Mummy mani

mummy mani cute nails halloween horror spooky pastel goth

23. Black and white stripes

Sometimes all you need is extra long stiletto nails
tim burton goth witch black and white stripes extra long nails

24. Bloody fingerprint nails

Those are really easy to do. Just put a white base coat. then dip your fingers into blood coloured red nail polish, blot a little on paper to remove extra nail polish until you see clear paints. Then press the finger on the nails.
Bloody Fingerprint Nails creepy crime scene

25. Cute ghosts with red glitter

Those are also very easy to make:
1. Apply black nail polish and let dry
2. Apply one or two coats of your favourite glitter nail polish.
3. Use water stickers or ghost nails stamp to make the ghosts.
cute ghosts red black glitter nails halloween

26. Purple extra long nails

Really look witchy
Fantasy Stiletto Burgundy Nails purple glitter witch wicca extra long

27. Witch nails

You don't need no Halloween costume, just get yourself these nails - no one would miss you!
witch skull nails red black super long stiletto custom creepy

28. Black smoke

Or these by the same artists - if you want even longer nails!
black smoke goth witch scary long nail art

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