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22 Unique Colourful Ombre Hair Ideas

One of the hottest trends in the last years is colourful ombre hair. Ombre is a hair dye technique, in which the hair colour gradually changes its colour, usually darker in the roots and lighter in the ends. But an even more unique style is when the hair is changing from one Hue to another. 

The colourful hair comes in all rainbow colours and tints, you can find both pastel or neon. The number of possible combinations is endless. Each will make you pop out immediately in any room, and anywhere else you will go. 

We have a feeling these hair styles and colours will be a nightmare to maintain, since most hair dyes begin to fade after a few washes. Still, here we collected a few of our favorite colourful hair ideas we could only dream of.

Most of these styles are made by hair salons specialized in rainbow colours. Follow their Instagram accounts to see more of their work.

1. Pink and Yellow

Ombre deep pink and yellow straight hair

2. Hot Cheetos Inspired

Looks like fire.
Fire inspired hair, dyed in red, orange and black, short wavy.

3. Turquoise, Blue, Purple & Pink

The perfect Mermaid colour scheme.
Turquoise blue purple pink long wavy hair.

4. Blue & Orange

Blue and neon orange straight hair, long style.

5. Grey,Pink & Yellow

Short colourful women hairstyle, pink and grey.

6. Pastel, Mint Green

Pretty lady with pastel green mint short hair.

7. Purple, Pink & Blond

woman with ombre purple pink and blond hair, wavy hair style.

8. Grey with little blue & green

Stylish grey hair with light blue and green under colour touches.

9. Green, Lime & Yellow

Lime green and yellow ombre hair with glitter.

10. Cotton candy hair

Pastel pink and purple
Cotton candy, pastel pink and purple short curly hair.

11. Pink & Yellow

Dark pink changes yellow short hair cut.

12. Grey & Pink

Grey hair with pink roots, curly and long.

13. Purple, Pink and Yellow

Long curly hair dyed in pastel purple pink and yellow.

14. Turquoise & Green

Turquoise, green blue short straight hair style.

15. Purple & Green

Purple to green ombre hair wavy long style.

16. Purple & Orange

Purple and neon orange colourful hair.

17. Grey, blond and baby pink

Grey roots and pink edges curly hair, blond.

18. Pink & Orange

Fire orange curly short hair style.

19. Pink & Green

Fuchsia pink to lime green washed out ombre hair.

20. Grey & Yellow

Woman with styled grey and neon yellow hair cut.

21. Holographic hair

Holographic rainbow silver hair wavy.

22. Blue and Green

Woman with royal blue to bottle green hair curly hair.

March 29, 2020, updated Apr 6, 2020 | by Amelia

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