16 Cool The Witcher T-Shirts

The Witcher 3: wild hunt is one of the most successful games ever made. The story of Geralt the Rivia inspired a Netflix series based on the books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

With all of this success, many artists have made T-shirts inspired by the games and TV series.

Either you looking for funny, stylish, or just a small reference only real fans will get. We collected the best shirts in this article.

1. It needs a Professional

The Witcher 3 This World Doesnt Need A Hero T-Shirt it needs a professional black top quote gaming

2. Geralts Silhouette

the witcher silhouette t shirt grey top tee printed artist geralt of rivia gaming

3. Select your answer

The Witcher T-Shirt Please Select Your Answer Hmmm gaming retro Apan Shirt Gift Trending Design

4. The five spell signs

the witcher 3 signs t shirt sigil magic black top tee five schools Aard Igni Yrden Quen Axii

5. Inspirational quote

Hmmm inspirational quote The Witcher T-Shirt wolf gaming netflix meme funny

6. Steel for humans, Silver for monsters

Geralt of Rivia Inspired Shirt - The Witcher steel for humans silver for monsters gold for witcher

7. The Wolf Medallion

the witcher 3 medallion t shirt necklace gaming game pc wild hunt unique gift gamers wolf pendant

8. Silver and steel swords

the witcher t shirt two swords print silver and steel geralt of rivia tee official


the witcher silhouette medallion background wolf necklace artist shirt colourful gamer style

10. Yennefer, Triss and Ciri

You can get them in all colours on TeePublic. Yennefer, Triss and Ciri.
yennefer triss and ciri artist t shirts all colours anime manga style the witcher ladies

11. The magic signs

Aard - A telekinetic wave.
Yrden - A magical trap placed on the ground.
Igni - A gush of flames that wounds opponents.
Quen - A protective shield.
Axii - A charm placed on an opponent, making them your ally.
magic signs the witcher game quen yrden igni axii aard t shirt all colours

12. Toss a coin to your freelancer

toss a coin to your freelancer witcher 3 t shirt black artist drawing cute chibi

13. Toss a coin #2

toss a coin to your witcher t shirt tee public artist drawing annoyed music

14. Witcher & Fallout Crossover

the witcher fallout crossover gaming tee t shirts game geralt of rivia

15. School of cat

the witcher school of cat magic t shirt medallion etsy artist designer gaming

16. Wild Hunt

the witcher wild hunt t shirt red orange designer silhouette let the hunt begin

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