23 Beautifully Unique Photos of Mushrooms in the Wild by Steve Axford

Steve Axford is an Australian nature photographer with a particular passion for macro photography of fungi and mushrooms.

Steve’s photos are mostly taken at the Northern Rivers forest in Australia. Some are from his travels to China, India, and Chile.

For more of his work, visit his Website, and follow his Flickr and Facebook page.

1. Mycena interrupta

A tiny blue mushroom up to 2 cm in cap size. It really looks like something came from aliens, but you can find them in Australia, and New Zealand.
blue mushrooms grow Mycena interrupta pixie parasol photogrpher Steve Axford


many small mushrooms grow on a tree stamp northern rivers by steve axford


small orange mushroom cluster grow on a rock with mosk river nature photograph by steve axford

4. Cookeina insititia

weird mushrooms with teeth eating plant nature wild river scary bizzare steve axford


dozens fungi light pink mushrooms on a tree stamp growing in wild beige booyong steve axford

6. Leratiomyces ceres

Also known as the Redlead Roundhead.
large red shiny mushroom with a tiny one two Leratiomyces ceres Redlead Roundhead steve axford

7. Anthracophyllum archeri

Anthracophyllum archeri red mushroom fungi photography tree stamp wild steve axford


beautiful mushrooms cluster beige light orange wild nature china yunnan steve axford


yellow dotted mushroom in nature wilk china park special unique aesthetic beauty steve axford

10. Cookeina tricholoma

fungi fungus nature photography red orange with tiny hair weird unique alien china steve axford

11. Oudemansiella

Oudemansiella sp. brown mushroom with large cap short chunky steve axford


three pink mushrooms in a thropical area green nature photography steve axford


little mushrooms caps white growing on a tree beautiful cluster magical whimsical steve axford


two pink magenta mushrooms tall slim tiny in wild china on a branch steve axford


tiny red mushroom single growing on a dry leaf with spider web india steve axford

16. Mycena chlorophos

Glow in the dark mushrooms
glow in the dark neon green mushrooms amazing nature cave darkness steve axford


single mushroom nature tall thin photography steve axford

18. Mycena kurkacea

Mycena kurkacea red cup slim mushroom cluster small tiny side grow steve axford


gilled fungi orange cap mushrooms tall slim grow dirt nature photography steve axford

20. Mycena viscidocruenta

four red mushrooms tall Mycena viscidocruenta photograph grow wild nature china steve axford


white dozens tiny mushrooms from down grow on a tree nature photography steve axford

22. Entoloma Hochstetteri

sky blue large single mushroom Entoloma Hochstetteri new zealand wild fungi steve axford


yellow two mushrooms thailand bright photography steve axford

March 20, 2020, updated Apr 13, 2020 | by Amelia