29 Artists Draw Hermione Granger in their own style

The best thing about reading a book is that everyone can imagine the characters the way they like, and no two people will imagine the same.

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter series was described as having frizzy, untamable dark hair, brown eyes, and protruding teeth. Here is some of the best fan art of Hermione, and the unique way each artist see and draws her.


Expecto Patronum
Hermione with her otter Patronus

2. Bookworm

Hermione reading a book in her bed

3. Hipster Hermione

She can definitely pull off the muggle look
hermione granger as a muggle with hipster clothing

4. In Caricature style

Hermione drawing in caricature style

5. Tim Burton vibes

hermione granger drawn in tim burton gothic style


black Hermione -Harry Potter fan art

7. SPEW!

“It’s S-P-E-W. Stands for the Society for the Promotion of Elvish Welfare.”
Hermione in 3d art standing for SPEW

8. 100 points to Gryffindor

Hermione being really grown up in here
Hermione reading a book

9. O children, rejoice

Remember the tent dancing scene from the 7th book?
Hermione crying in a tent


“It’s S-P-E-W. Stands for the Society for the Promotion of Elvish Welfare.” ~ Hermione
Hermione fan art in chibi anime style

11. Hermione giving crookshanks some love

You are so used to see Hermione in school uniform, that it's easy to forget she is just a normal girl sometimes
Hermione and crookshanks in casual clothes

12. The anime hermione

Anime fan art of Hermione from Harry Potter


Hermione Granger sitting by the window and thinking


Hermione holding her time turner necklace fan art


Hermione art with her cat and books

17. The Polyjuice

Hermione crafting the Polyjuice potion in girls bathroom

18. The Brightest Witch of Her Age

So much frizz in the hair
Hermione from harry potter study with a book


I love how soft and romantic this is
Hermione fan drawing as Emma Watson

20. Belle cosplay as Hermione

A beuty and the beast & harry potter crossover
Belle from beauty and the beast dressed as Hermione Granger

21. Winter Hermione

Hermione cute chibi drawing in winter


Hermione Granger illustration


black Hermione fan art with witch hat


Hermione fan art in Disney style


illustration of Hermione Granger holding Crookshanks


Hermione fan art illustration from Harry Potter


Hermione at the Hogwarts library with a book

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